The Essence of Effective Medical-Scientific Communication

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought into greater focus the significance of clinical research, as well as the importance of biomedical companies in terms of the research and development of new drugs. The pandemic has also highlighted the value of proper medical-scientific communication.

In an era of social networks and multiple channels of information, together with the Covid-19 situation, we have experienced how the communication model has been altered by the use of digitalization as a tool for disseminating scientific information.

Faced with this new paradigm, a challenge lies ahead for medical-scientific communication: science must be communicated in a clear, accurate and rigorous way, but at the same time in an innovative manner, adapting to the new digital channels. Effective medical-scientific communication is a combination of innovation, technology, creativity, and scientific rigor.

Healthcare professionals demand information and a constant update of knowledge. Given this new changing and versatile scenario, the medical department needs to adapt its strategies by exploring new formats and channels to solve their problems and needs, without losing the essence of what is being communicated.

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