5 digital marketing trends for growth in 2021

The digital world is growing by leaps and bounds, multiplying its complexity. Digital tools are numerous and diverse and, another factor to consider; trends or fashions that shape digital marketing and the way forward.

Having visibility and making a difference, that’s what it’s all about. More and more entrepreneurs and businessmen decide to take the digital leap, they know it is the only way to stay in the market and be competitive. However, this is not an egg that will be fried, but responds to a digital strategy and an overall marketing plan.

If you are developing or optimizing your marketing strategy, you should know the digital trends that will mark 2021.

  1. Integral personalization of content:

Although this is a trend that has been repeated in recent years, in this 2021 it has become clear that it must be done with purpose. It is not about sending an email that personalizes the name of the recipient and maintains a standard message. It is about offering content that the user is really interested in and that responds to their needs or interests. Offer them the product they are looking for at that moment, based on the characteristics of the searches they have made.

Artificial intelligence and marketing automation are two perfect tools to get the most out of personalization and segmentation.

  1. Lead Loyalty and Community Building:

Like content personalization, loyalty has been on the rise for years. Building a consolidated database or consistent social community is not an easy task and requires resources and effort. The user must feel a part of the brand’s actions and that his or her opinion matters.

In social networks, surveys and questions that show a willingness to listen have a great impact. Email can be used to send discount bonuses to the most active users or birthday greetings. The perfect ally for good loyalty is the CRM, so it is important to build a consolidated database on which to base communication actions.

  1. User-generated content:

If there is something that has triumphed since the confinement, it is the TikTok challenges; and it is that brands have opted to create content and that the users themselves are the ones who make it viral. A perfect way to get closer to users, create branding and awareness, and reach new audiences. The new generations are born with a smartphone and a TikTok account under their arm, social media consumers and content creators. This has led to increased investment in advertising strategies that focus on content creation, so that the user participates and ends up generating their own content.

  1. Digital Out of Home or Digital Out of Home Advertising:

Today, more than ever, the user’s reality is a combination of the online and offline worlds. To achieve the ideal impact on the user, it is necessary to take into account the presence in both realities.

Digital Out-of-Home Advertising is the integration of digital marketing messages into offline channels such as billboards, streets, transportation… An example of a store that has both offline and online presence would be to send an offer via mobile to users who are within 1 kilometer of the physical store to redeem on the spot.

  1. New ways of seeing: 3D and AR

Augmented reality and 3D animation are already a well-established trend, especially in the field of scientific communication for physical events, which will have to be considered in the coming months as we gradually return to face-to-face meetings.

AR, for example, makes it possible to breathe digital life into training rooms, congresses, bike rallies and other events through integrated storytelling that users can navigate live. In fact, through immersive graphics, it is already possible to recreate environments that simulate physical presence and create virtual reality and sensory experiences that help create memorable impacts.

On the other hand, increasingly sophisticated 3D animation tools allow us to show scientific content from a very close and interactive perspective. More and more laboratories and scientific companies are betting on showing the MOA of their products from a novel, interactive and very effective point of view, which for now is differentiating and achieving high quality content impact on healthcare professionals.