Do I need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Do I need a Digital Marketing Strategy or is an Ad on Instagram enough?

Do I need a Digital Marketing strategy or is an Ad on Instagram enough?
Do I need cutlery or is a spoon enough? The answer is simple; you need cutlery so you can grab a spoon or the necessary silverware at any given moment. The same goes for Digital Marketing. You need a Digital Strategy to be able to make use of the right tools depending on the needs or objectives.

Individual actions as one-off campaigns on Instagram to promote a specific product have no value. You can just throw money in the trash and it’s going to have the same effect. So where should I start? The best thing to do is to start from the very beginning: Reflect, think about your challenges, problems or goals and work globally on a strategy that goes to its source. At Global we suggest the following steps:

5 Steps to create a Digital Strategy

1. Identify your target
Describe and envision the user for whom you are going to satisfy a need. Users should be the main focus when it comes to generating valuable content.

2. Define your challenges and objectives
Analyze the problems you want to solve and set the objectives that will allow you to be selected in a highly competitive market. The most common objectives are:
-New customer acquisition
-Customer loyalty
-Brand positioning in the market
-Sales increase

3. Identify your digital environment and find out where your audience is located
Find out which channels users are present in, and how to satisfy their needs by making use of these digital platforms.

4. Choose formats that best suit your users
Discover the formats users prefer to receive information based on the value it brings them.

5. Establish the digital tools you are going to use
Social Media Marketing and Social Media Ads, SEM, SEO, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation… It will depend on the strategy.

Continue your journey with us and discover the tools you need to move towards success.