Understanding the importance of properly measuring paid campaigns

Why is it important to measure the results of paid campaigns?

When running paid advertising campaigns, it is very important to use tools that allow you to analyze the information collected in order to ensure the optimization of each campaign.

Users surfing the web leave a digital footprint that provides valuable information for decision making. Thanks to this data, it is possible to understand each consumer in depth, which helps the company to identify the strategies that are relevant to the target audience and to adjust its campaigns accordingly.

When running a paid campaign, it is essential to have web analytics metrics and clear parameters to be able to compare the results with the pre-established objectives. The data obtained allows us to know what is working and what needs to be changed to achieve the desired success. The metrics depend on the objectives to be achieved, but in general they are the basis for understanding the results of the implemented strategy.

Google Analytics is one of the most widely used tools for analyzing and monitoring website activity. It allows you to visualize collected information such as: unique users, pages visited, bounce rate, session duration, conversions, user demographics, devices, etc.

If social networks are also available, it is advisable to install the social media tracking pixel to obtain better data measurement. This pixel, also known as conversion pixel, is inserted in the source code of the web page and allows to obtain information on the activity of the same, as well as other quantitative and qualitative data of the users. Its purpose is to know the performance of the campaign and to measure the return on investment. This information is important to optimize the paid advertising campaign.

It is crucial to have analytical tools to obtain a quality database that will help the company maintain a long-term relationship with its customers, improve communication and increase profitability. By analyzing the results obtained, we can obtain the following information.

What users do. The results obtained throughout the campaign will help to better understand the customer, as information is obtained about the customer’s journey on the website, knowing in detail both the points of interest and the points of abandonment. This will help to focus the strategy on the user to provide a positive experience and improve the UX and UI.

Who visits this site. It allows to know demographic and geographic data of users, as well as more personal data such as their interests. This is of utmost importance to know who you are targeting and to achieve better performance when capturing the segment.

How they arrive at the site. The origin of the visit is very important to know where to put the communication effort to achieve greater traffic to the site. This information will also help to redesign the strategy to focus more frequently on the source of the traffic and thus achieve greater effectiveness of the campaign.

Frequency of interaction. By analyzing the results, it is possible to get information about how many users visit, how many sessions they have, and how long they stay on different pages of the site. In this way, it is possible to know what content is most relevant to them and discover opportunities for improvement for future campaigns.

In this way, the use of analytics tools makes it possible to closely monitor the performance and results of campaigns in order to optimize performance. In this way, it is possible to adjust the strategy in time to better reach the selected segment, modify parameters to achieve better results, and discover opportunities for improvement. In addition, measuring results is fundamental to running remarketing campaigns, creating new audiences, and serving a new interested segment, while building a long-term relationship with existing consumers.

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