New Corporate Identity

The new “Global” is now real. After several months of work, the long-standing healthcare creative and communications agency, now presents itself as a strategic partner for its clients. Based on a huge range of talent and 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry to address the needs of an increasingly diverse and complex world that demands complex and multidisciplinary global solutions, Global now prioritizes a strategic and comprehensive approach in all its projects. In addition, the agency has launched a complete rebranding and a new website to kick off the new phase.

Global’s focus and objective is now to fine-tune all actions so that the ROI of brands and companies is continuous, allowing customized and effective impacts that all companies are looking for. The agency’s new positioning, aimed at providing a more global and complete service to the client, has led to the reinforcement of certain departments with specialists, especially in the digital area.

Strategic tools

The new Global has four main areas of work: Strategy, Partnership, Growth and Performance. These enable a comprehensive approach to projects that responds to a growing demand from healthcare professionals and users, in terms of the relevance and value that companies bring to every communication and every point of user-brand interaction. This approach, where technology is key, drives the creation of tailor-made projects for each situation and with all the necessary tools required by the new communication paradigm.

These include, creativity and personalized strategy, an omnichannel and integrated approach, continuous targeting and lead nurturing, and the creation of journeys for each user. In addition, the agency’s employees have in-depth expertise in the digital, scientific, and creative tools. It is important for Global to combine and adjust each one of these aspects of health communication, to accompany clients on their path to success.

Digital, Health Expertise and Creativity

Global’s digital projects combine Data Analytics as a transversal and essential element, Social Marketing and Social Media Ads to achieve a quality impact on users of social networks, SEO, SEM and Content Marketing to generate value and position in search engines and Marketing Automation to optimize and automate the monitoring of impacts on the Buyer Persona. And, last but not least, Reporting and Optimization to improve results in real time.

Global’s scientific team is essential and works with the necessary tools to develop quality medical content aligned with the strategy of each client.

Why change?

Over the last few months, communication and marketing reality in Health and other sectors has changed radically and rapidly, meaning that simple solutions that used to work are no longer adequate. The way in which brands and companies communicate with their targets is now dramatically different from the way it used to be. That’s why Global’s executives have designed a new portfolio of services and led a rebranding that highlights the agency’s spirit of global, continuous change, reliability, and innovation.