Digital Marketing and Communications Trends for 2023

As the end of the year approaches, many of us are starting to wonder what the digital trends of 2023 will be, what our consumers will expect and how we can plan our business strategies accordingly.

Here are the trends that will mark the new year, so you know how to plan your communications and digital marketing strategies in 2023.



It’s no secret that TikTok is a social network with a high level of engagement, a wide reach and a large number of users that are growing exponentially. This is why it is considered a good channel to generate awareness and brand consideration.

This social network allows for ad campaigns similar to Facebook but allows for greater segmentation to reach the desired target with advertising. In addition, there are many different ad formats that provide options for message delivery and customization for each business.

Considering that it is a widely used platform today, it is advisable for your company to join the digital transformation and start communicating and creating content on this social network if it is not already doing so.



 To understand this trend, it is important to first understand what the Metaverse is. This new digital world consists of a virtual space that extends the physical world into the digital world. It is similar in style to video games, but its purpose is different. The metaverse aims to replicate our everyday realities in the digital world through the use of virtual reality (with virtual reality devices), creating an immersive space that allows the user to enter this new world through their personalized avatar.

Through interconnectivity, it will be possible to carry out social activities in different universes, with the possibility of moving freely from one space to another. It will also be possible to carry out industrial development work for companies interested in the sector.

Among the first companies to start betting on this new digital world is Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) announced in 2021 the transformation of his social networking company into a metaverse company, presenting Horizon Workrooms, a virtual reality platform for teleworking and changing the name of his company to Meta.

But it is not the only company looking to enter the metaverse. Although it is not yet 100% created, it is advisable to bet on communication and the creation of campaigns in this new digital world. Until its launch, we can research the subject and expand our knowledge for this not-so-distant future.



Another trend for 2023 is native advertising. According to Cyberclick, native advertising consists of “ads that adapt to the online medium in which they are published. Their main characteristic is the way they are displayed, always adapted to the environment in which they are found, avoiding being invasive for the user” (Cyberclick. “Native Advertising”).

We can find different formats for this type of advertising: advertising on websites, on blogs, suggesting content similar to the one the user has accessed in order to attract his attention in a more natural way. The main advantage of this typology is that it is not perceived as an advertisement since it is integrated into the digital environment and respects the format and style of the web page in which it is located.

If your brand is not yet using this type of advertising, we recommend working with this medium to reach potential customers with content in a less invasive way. By using native ads, you can improve brand perception, reach audiences that do not normally respond to traditional advertising due to its saturation, receive a higher volume of traffic compared to other ad formats, and enjoy other benefits.



Over the past few years, podcasts have become increasingly popular, and their audience has grown steadily. This format offers flexibility to the user, as it is a program available on online platforms that can be listened to at any time and as often as desired.

By frequently uploading content in this format, you can build user loyalty by providing them with relevant and valuable information. It is also a great alternative for attracting prospects, convincing them of the program, and generating quality leads. It is recommended to complement podcasts with other social networks in order to reach all the brand’s followers and distribute them properly.

In short, it is important that brands consider this format as it can help them build customer loyalty, create a sense of trust with users, provide a different content that allows them to deliver the message with voice and personality, and increase brand awareness.


For this new year, it is recommended to rethink digital communication strategies. Faced with such a changing landscape, it is important to know how to use the tools in the best possible way to take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

At Global, we would like to accompany you on this digital journey. We can help you integrate these tools into your brand so that you are not left behind and are prepared for this new scenario.