How to Use Tik Tok: Connecting with Younger Audiences

Video is the format at the forefront of social media’s evolution, and Tik Tok has been the fastest-growing social network since its launch in 2018. It has even surpassed Facebook, Instagram and YouTube in terms of downloads and hours of video watched. The video app has more than 130 million active users who connect daily, either to watch or create content. It’s no surprise, then, that the rise of Tik Tok has caught the attention of many companies, who are wondering how to create a good content strategy that engages users.

The application is a very attractive showcase for companies that want to reach an audience that is mostly young and saturated with traditional communication and the advertising bombardment to which they are exposed every day on other social networks. Currently, the application does not have a large presence of brands, which can be very interesting for those who want to make a difference and get ahead of the change in the advertising paradigm. But how to create a good content strategy that is interesting for users?

First, it is necessary to understand how Tik Tok works and what the goal of this famous application is. Its algorithm focuses on creating a space for the user where videos are collected according to their tastes – based on followed accounts, popular hashtags, as well as likes and comments on different publications. The videos are generally short, although a few months ago they added the option of making videos up to three minutes long, with dances, music videos and challenges dominating. Although the main content of the app is the aforementioned, there are videos for all tastes and about all hobbies and interests: cooking, tips, sports, astrology, etc. Something similar happens with the target of this social network, mainly belonging to Generation Z (young people born after 1996), but there are users of all ages, and an increasing number of Millennials and Boomers are joining the Tik Tok trend.

How to get started using Tik Tok?

Here are some key points to develop a good strategy that will impact and retain our target audience, while being able to create a solid community with high interaction.

  • The brand language must be adapted to the needs of the app. There is no room for purely corporate content.
  • All videos must have a clear focus on audience interaction. Users will punish one-way conversations.
  • Keep your brand fresh and fun. Humor and simplicity are much more appreciated than professional, well-produced and planned videos. It is recommended to edit with the resources of the app itself.
  • Hashtags are very important and although it is good to create your own brand hashtags, you should use the most popular ones associated with the brand content.
  • Look for current trends: which videos are liked by our target audience. To be able to create content according to their needs.
  • Be responsive and not fall into the repetition of formulas and challenges that work. Tik Tok moves at breakneck speed and requires constant updates from the creators.
  • Do not try to adapt content from other formats. The social network has its own language and demands originality.
  • For collaborations, it is better to work with tiktokers themselves. If you want to create content with an influencer, keep in mind that influencers from other social networks do not usually have a strong presence on this application.
  • Create content that invites users to participate and become part of the brand by creating a community. Interact with them constantly.
  • Ads work, but they are not the only thing that influences users. It is currently a very limited option, but we plan to expand it in the coming months to include new ad formats.

We hope this helps you and that you join the Tik Tok fever. Give your brands a young and dynamic look that makes you stand out from the rest.