How to build a lead nurturing strategy?

It’s very important that your communication actions are directed towards the user and his/her needs. The user must be at the center of the lead nurturing strategy.

The user is at the center of the strategy and content is king. Perhaps these are the two most repeated mantras among digital specialists in recent times, but what does it really mean? How do you put it into practice? How do you create a lead nurturing strategy?

Without a doubt, the user must be at the center of any communication strategy. The user is essential for the achievement of the objectives set by companies and brands, and is vital for their growth and permanence in the market. For this reason, the different communication actions of companies must be built based on the consumer.

However, it is important to understand the consumer and their needs. The objective of companies is not just to sell, but to offer the best service in response to an identified need. These needs are not always the same, they vary over time. The points of contact and approach between companies and consumers must be in line with the current demands and needs at that moment. Herein lies the importance of user knowledge for a good lead nurturing strategy.

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So how does the theory translate to digital practice? A very effective technique to provide individualized and personalized treatment to the user consists of nurturing programs. Programs that allow to offer valuable information to satisfy a specific need, making use of the digital channels where the user is most active.

For example: John has planned a summer camping trip 6 months in advance, for which he is researching tent brands and models. Our company offers high quality camping products and John has visited our website and looked at different products. It is time to invite him to join our database and start sending him customized information based on his needs.

Starting with a welcome message, we will provide additional information on the models previously searched for. We will send him surveys and profile the information we offer based on his activity and behavior. When the lead is sufficiently engaged, we will send him a highly personalized offer that will be hard to refuse.

Lead nurturing strategies allow us to create different programs with valuable content to meet the different needs that the user may have, and that companies or brands are able to satisfy. It’s a technique that enables us to know the maturity and relationship level of the lead, to be able to offer him/her what he/she wants to be offered.

The user is the center of the strategy and content is king, but how do we proceed from there? Here are 5 tools you can implement for your digital strategy.